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Oliver Coon

Oliver Coon is the author of Your First Copy and the founder of He has worked with authors for a decade to help them build their platforms, connect with readers, and sell more books. He has worked 1-on-1 with over a hundred authors. He has helped launch dozens of New York Times, Washington Post and Amazon bestsellers.

Nicolas Ellison

Nicolas Ellison is a University Professor of Economics at University of the Bahama’s, where he offers his popular freshman course in business development. He is among the world’s leading economists, having made fundamental contributions in several major fields. He is the author of many scientific papers.

Curtis Willingham

Curtis Willingham is the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Capital Investments. He has spent his career as a practicing business strategist: advising companies, investing based on strategy insights and teaching strategy.  Mr. Willingham taught Business Strategy in the Economics Department of Kingston University for almost a decade.

Corina Dominguez

Corina Dominguez is a managing director and senior partner in BBG’s San Francisco office and the Chairman of the Business Growth Institute for exploring ideas from beyond the world of business, which have implications for business strategy management.

Corina’s forthcoming book, The Future is Ours (HBR Press, 2023 June) explores how to systematically harness imagination to generate new ideas and transform your business. Also soon to be published is Inspiring the Next Generation , the first of a series of books on major new topics in business.. She is also the co-author of Your Business Needs a Strategy

Jason Wise

Unlike many business authors from universities and consulting firms, Jason’s professional experience was spent working in the “corporate trenches.” He joined Deloitte as a research scientist. He held leadership positions in R&D, product management, marketing, supply chain, and business management and was the corporate lead for integrated business planning. He left Deloitte after 10 years to work full time on research on innovative business consulting.

Malissa Dempsey

Malissa Dempsey is the Founder and CEO of Gogethers. The company offers business development consulting and professional services to small and medium-sized services companies ambitious for growth but somehow stuck in the journey towards higher results. She is the inventor of a proprietary methodology, the ‘Gogethers Recipes’  for business development assessment and strategy development that helps clients examine their current state and plan to achieve their ultimate business goals.

Hazel Meyers

Hazel Meyers is a leading expert on the topic of personal development with 15 years of experience in management consulting and 7 years of teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels in Sales. She is the author of How To Get Clients and the co-author of How Your Client Thinks. Jordan helps professionals and organizations win more client business through a better understanding of the client’s buying decision journey.

Featured Author

Earnestine Rhodes

Earnestine is an expert in strategic business development and enjoys the development of new businesses and markets. She specializes in securing and expanding strategic partnerships and is a frequent speaker on business development to entrepreneurs and venture investors

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